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Vintage Air Gen IV Evap Kit

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Vintage Air Gen IV Evap kit

This item will ship directly from Vintage Air in San Antonio Texas.

The Gen IV is Vintage Air's most powerful and intelligent climate control system. The Gen IV uses an exclusive fully electronic microprocessor control system eliminate cables or vacuum connections. Separate high capacity copper parallel-flow heat coil and aluminum plate and fin cooling coils provide outstanding performance and instant temperature adjustments. Additional features include variable blower speed and dash/floor/defrost blend . Sure Fit Systems are engineered specifically for each vehicle application and require absolutely minimal alteration to the vehicle for installation.

  • System Features:
  • Fly-By-Wire fully electronic servo motor controls with no cables or capillary tube to route.
  • Infinite "just right temperature" air blending
  • Infinite blower fan speed adjustment
  • Bigh volume dehumidified defrost mode
  • Separate high capacity aluminum plate& fin cooling coil
  • Copper/brass CuproBrazeTM parallel flow heater coil
  • Mounts behind the dash
  • lat steel firewall cover panel

Because the exclusive GEN-IV technology incorporates so many revolutionary ideas and features Vintage Air get's some frequently asked questions from their customers. And, hear some unfortunate disinformation coming from other "air conditioning sellers". Here's what you need to know...

Are the Gen-IV Systems really different?
Vintage Air is the only performance air conditioning company that designs and manufactures all of their products with industry standard Pro Engineering CAD/CAM systems. Rather than trial and error or repackaging ten year old product designs, they continually refine existing systems and develop new systems to deliver true climate control such as you would find in the finest production automobiles. In fact, they actually provide the climate control systems for some of the world's finest supercar makers!

What is the point of using servo motors?
Servo motors are not simply on-off electric switches found in some aftermarket a/c systems. They are variable position solid-state devices used reliably on high-end OEM systems for years. Servo motors in properly designed systems can deliver much greater air-door travel. Thisallows Vintage Air to design from scratch with tremendous volume increases in all of the Gen-IV systems. Conventional vacuum operated air doors simply do not open far enough to flow as much air as these systems. Servo's are not cheap. Nor are they just a bolt-in change. That's why other companies have only reluctantly begun offering them, and why they tried for years to discourage customers from wanting a servo system. When combined with Vintage Air's exclusive solid state circuit board controls the Gen-IV servo's can give you the most infinite adjustments for "Just Right Temperatures" in any weather or location.

Can the case design make that much difference?
All you have to do is see the "virtual" flow testing Vintage Air perform's on their engineering computer work stations to understand. They can test, refine, and retest the most minor case design changes or components until they are satisfied that the system is delivering everything it has got - before they even build a prototype! Then they install a system in one of their R&D hot rods and drive it thousands of miles - before you ever buy one for your own hot rod. Just like professional race teams, they know winning is in the smallest details!

Does the Gen IV deliver better defrost too?
One of the important design ideas Vintage Air learned with their in-house CAD engineering program was how to design for optimum dehumidified defrost mode. Clearing the fog from your windows on a mild, yet humid, day is a snap with the new Gen-IV systems.

Do I have to be a computer programmer?
While the new electronic controls and servos are stateof-the-art, the Gen-IV systems are actually easier to install than old conventional type systems. No cables to route through the firewall because the heater valve is also servo controlled. No linkages to adjust because the controls are solid state circuit boards. And, you can mount the control panel almost anywhere in the car. Simply plug and play!

What about high horsepower engines?
Gen-IV systems do not need engine vacuum. All functions are controlled with electronic servos so your climate control will not be affected even when you're powering up a mountain pass!

Why is the warranty three years?
Since the day Vintage Air sold their first system back in 1976 they have always gone the "extra mile" to satisfy their customers needs. Ask any Vintage Air owner. The fact is, when installed as directed, Vintage Air systems have less than one tenth of one percent defects! They could offer a longer warranty but the three decades of experience tell them that in the very rare times that a part has failed it fails in the first few months of operation. There are thousands more Vintage Air systems on the road today than all other brands combined.

Thirty-Plus Years Says It All!
Vintage Air believe's that the most important part of any warranty is the reputation and longevity of the company which stands behind it. They are proud to remain the most trusted name in climate controls since 1976.

NOTE: Some installations may require additional engine pulleys not included with this kit. You must provide pulleys, v-belts, heater hose and refrigerant.