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OBD-II Interface Dakota Digital BIM-01-2 VHX HDX VFD3 RTX

SKU: BIM-01-2

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Made in the USA!

Dakota Digital OBD-II / CAN Interface

The BIM-01-2 / OBD-II Interface is designed to and allows you to plug directly into the engine diagnostic port and pull engine data from the OBD-II computer (ECU).
The BIM-01-2 will output the following information to Dakota Digital VFD3, VHX, HDX and RTX Digital Display screens in the Gauges.

  • Speed
  • Tachometer
  • Engine Temp
  • Intake Air Temp (if data is available)
  • Transmission Temp (if data is available)
  • Ambient Air Temp (if data is available)
  • Rear Position (if data is available)

Because the BIM-01-2 is decoding the information supplied from the ECM, it is assumed that this information is complete and accurate. Dakota Digital instrument systems will provide a +/-25% calibration to compensate for tire size or gear changes which have affected the speedometer output. Also, because the BIM-01-2 will display the information supplied by the ECM, it is crucial that the ECM has a complete set of OEM functioning sensors. (not included)