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Wilwood 04-06 GTO Front Disc Big Brake Kit 13.06" Plain Rotor Black Caliper

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Forged Narrow Superlite 6R Big Brake Front Brake Kit
GT 48 13" Curved Vane Rotor / Black Powder coated Caliper

The manufacturer advises the use of a 17" or larger wheels.

  • Fits
  • 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO

Mounts to Factory Disc Brake Spindle

  • Kit Includes:
  • Pair of GT 48 Curved Vane 13.06 " x 1.25" plain rotors - Vented for proper cooling

  • Aluminum Rotor Hat - Includes 5 x 4.72 Bolt Pattern

  • Pair of caliper brackets

  • NEW pair of Black Powder Coated Billet Narrow Superlite 6R 6 piston Calipers. Piston Area 4.04"

  • Full set of Semi-Metallic pads Wilwood BP-20 Compound great for street use and light track use

  • All necessary hardware (nuts bolts)

  • Full Color instruction booklet

The unsurpassed braking capacity of the Forged Narrow Superlite 6R six-piston caliper serves as the base of this group of 13 big rotor kits for these popular late model vehicles. FNSL6R kits are engineered application specific for simplified installation and full compatibility with OE master cylinder output and ABS functions where used. Big brake kits provide increased brake capacity and complimentary style with wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades on show cars and high performance street/track machines. Optional caliper finishes and rotor designs simplify personalizing the style and braking requirements of any application.

Forged Narrow Superlite 6R Caliper

The Forged Narrow Superlite 6R (FNSL6R) is Wilwood's newest version for the venerable Superlite caliper series adds the versatility and convenience of radial mounting to this widely popular caliper group. Radial mounting simplifies adaptation and provides two planes of adjustment for accurate alignment over the disc. These calipers integrate "Big Brake" style with Wilwood's latest technology to generate big stopping power in extreme environments over a broad range of vehicle applications.

The key to the superior performance of the FNSL6R comes from the extremely durable and efficient body design. Starting at 4.9 pounds it is the product of computer generated solid modeling and FEA stress analysis technology. The most noteworthy feature of this new caliper design is the forging. Each body is stress-flow forged from premium grade aluminum alloy billets. Stress-flow forging re-aligns the metal's internal grain structure to flow within the contour of the caliper body. This process eliminates the stresses and interruptions to the internal grain structure that occur when machining a straight block billet. Simply stated, there is no better way to build a stronger aluminum caliper body.

A unique six-piston differential bore configuration provides balanced loading for even pad wear in sustained high heat environments. The standard FNSL6R calipers feature one-piece stainless steel pistons. Stainless is used for its slow heat transfer properties and high resistance to corrosion. Calipers can be upgraded with Wilwood's exclusive Thermlock pistons. This multi-part piston design creates a highly efficient thermal barrier to further reduce heat transfer from the pads to caliper body, seals, and fluid. Cooler temperatures translate to longer service life and less chance for heat induced pedal fade.

In addition, each FNSL6R is equipped with SRS bridge plates. SRS plates eliminate all bridge wear caused by pad gouging and extend the service life of the caliper. The spring-loaded action of the SRS plates also eliminates pad rattle and dampens the harmonic vibrations that contribute to pad squeal. Two piece bleed screws on each end and internal fluid crossovers prevent damage from track debris and other potential damage sources. High temperature, square faced bore seals provide the largest possible sealing area and controlled piston retraction on release. The full range of Wilwood pad compounds is available to match the brake response and heat range of any competition or sports driving application.

  • Caliper Summary
  • Pistons: 6

  • Piston Area (in): 4.04

  • Mount Type: Radial

  • Brake Pad Area (in): 8.2
  • Brake Pad Volume (in): 3.8
  • Pad Compound: BP-10

GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor

Wilwood's GT 48 Curved Vane Spec-37 rotors are manufactured from a proprietary iron alloy developed to withstand extreme temperatures with the highest possible degree of resistance against distortion, warping, cracking, and wear. The formulation for this alloy is a derivative of technology and materials that were significant in the development of the extreme duty military spec rotors that are manufactured by Wilwood. Every Spec 37 rotor is precision machined to less than .001" run-out, flatness, and parallelism. Combined with our proven GT Series asymmetrical face slot pattern and individual dynamic balancing, you are assured the smoothest, vibration free performance at any speed. These rotors provide the highest cooling capacity and longest service life for extreme braking short tracks and road course competition.

  • Features:
  • Spec-37 Iron Heavy wall Castings
  • Suitable for High temperature racing to street use.
  • Surface Finish: Plain

  • Rotor Dimensions:
  • Width (in): 1.25
  • Diameter (in): 13.06
  • Rotor Bolt Circle (in): 12 x 8.75
  • Rotor Mount Hole Size (in): 0.251
  • Lug ID / Registration (in): 8.25
  • Far Side Inside Diameter (in): 9.46