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Tanks Inc. TBI Fuel Pump for GM Throttle Body with Poly Tanks - 109 LPH PA-TBI-P


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NEW!Tanks Inc. TBI Fuel Pump for GM Throttle Body with Poly Tanks - 109 LPH PA-TBI-P

For over 20 years Tanks Inc has been retrofitting non EFI gas tanks with internal fuel pumps using their PA Series EFI Gas Tank Conversion Module. This In-Tank Fuel Pump module can be used to retrofit an internal fuel pump into your original gas tank.

This kit gives you everything that you need to install an internal fuel pump into nearly any tank. The PA Series fuel pump kit features a reservoir tray that eliminates fuel pump starvation that is common on non-baffled tanks. A properly installed internal fuel pump will essentially eliminate any issues that are common on external fuel pumps such as vapor lock and cavitation.

The pumps listed are capable of running up to 100 PSI and they will deliver a varying amount of fuel (gallons per hour) depending on the pressure. We have recorded the GPH at 30, 40, and 60 PSI as a guide to finding the correct pump for your particular installation. In addition, you can use the following list as a general rule of thumb for some of the more common engine swaps. See below for Installation Instructions.

Note: "TANKS" 35M, 37M, and U-T poly tanks do not require the "P" suffix.

Note: Our kits do not include fuel pressure regulators.

Note: All flow rates are rated at 13.5 volts.

Note: Assembly requires a minimum tank depth of 6 inches.

Note: Maximum tank depth of 10.5 inches with no modification.

You assemble to the depth of your tank and install
All Metal Components are Heavy Gauge (Yellow Zinc Plated Steel)
Reservoir Tray Included
1/4" NPT Supply Line
1/4" NPT Return Line
1/4" NPT Vent Opening
In-Tank Fuel Pump Wiring Harness
Up to 100 PSI Rating
Threaded Heavy Gauge In-Tank Mounting Ring
Heavy Gauge Mounting Plate
Adjustable Height Support Arm
Genuine Walbro Fuel Pumps are supplied